Children’s Message: Pentecost and Holy Spirit


Use this creative message to help kids experience what may’ve happened on the day of Pentecost.

Theme: Pentecost

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Scripture: Acts 2:1-13

What You’ll Need: A copy of the language list for each person (see below); audio recordings of wind and sirens (google for free sound effects online); a red, yellow, or orange streamer-one for each person; and a flashing, red light or a red light bulb in your ceiling light.

Say the boldfaced parts here.

God has sent us the Holy Spirit to help us understand who God is. As a real reminder of God sending us the Holy Spirit, let’s go back in time to that day that God sent the Holy Spirit.

Before we do, take a look at the language list (at the bottom of this page). Find your birth month. The word next to your birth month is the word for “peace” in another language. In a moment, I’ll ask you to greet others with that word. Let’s go!

(Lights out.)

After Jesus went up to heaven after his death, he appeared to his disciples and told them, “Don’t leave Jerusalem until the Father sends you the gift he promised-the Holy Spirit!” They needed to wait for the Holy Spirit.

Grab your streamer, close your eyes…and wait! (Audio: wind blows…start soft and build volume)

On the day of Pentecost, a mighty windstorm filled the house where they were sitting.

(Audio: Siren; red light on) Hold your streamers in the air and wave them. Now open your eyes.

What looked like flames or tongues of fire settled on each of them.

And everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and started saying “peace” in other languages. (Everyone says, “Peace” in various languages according to birth month. Wait for a while.)

Wow! Look at what God did first for the church! He created a Holy Spirit encounter. And because of that encounter, the disciples changed the world!

“The Language List”
January……..Salaamata (Afar in Ethiopia)
February……..Yatanpa (Pintupi-Luritja in Australia)
March……….Koosi (Masaba in Uganda)
April…………Nye (Ntomba in Congo)
May…………Mir (Bosnian)
June………..Fred (Danish)
July…………Friede (German)
August……..Paz (Spanish)
September…Jam (Fula in West Africa)
October……Udo (Igbo in Nigeria)
November…Huag Totoka (Rotuman in Fiji)
December…Kapayapaan (Tagalog in Phillipines)


Children’s Message: Pentecost and Holy Spirit
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