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Children's Message: Colorful Chains

Children's Ministry Magazine

An engaging Bible activity where Paul and Silas and a tasty treat teach kids about God's love.


  • plastic knives
  • 1 small bowl
  • paper plates (1 per child)
  • water
  • paper towels

Fun Foods: Different colors and flavors of Fruit by the Foot cut into 6-inch strips (5 strips per child)

Place 5 fruit strips of different colors on a plate. Make each strip into a circle, and link the circles together to form a chain. Close the circles by dabbing a small amount of water on the ends and pressing them together.

The Bible Story
Paul and Silas in Jail (Acts 16)

Ask: How do you feel when someone has been unkind to you or treated you un-fairly? What do you do?

Say: Some very unfair things happened to Paul the missionary. Paul had a good friend named Silas. Paul and Silas traveled together telling everyone they met about Jesus. Many people listened to their words and believed in Jesus. Peo-ple who believed in Jesus were called Christians. Give each child a plate with five different colors of fruit strips on it.

Not everyone believed Paul and Silas. They didn't like Christians and tried to get them to stop telling people about Jesus. In one city people put Paul and Silas in jail. They put chains around Paul's and Silas' feet so they couldn't walk. Have each child make a circle using one of the strips. Let children dab water on the ends and press them together to make the circle.

Paul and Silas didn't worry, even though they were in chains and in jail. They prayed to God. They sang songs to God. The other people in the jail listened to them. They listened to their prayers. They listened to their songs. Have each child link a second circle with the first one and use water to seal the second circle.

In the middle of the night, the ground shook with an earthquake. Everyone was surprised. But then the doors to the jail flew open! The chains on the prison-ers fell off! Have each child link a third circle onto the chain.

The man in charge of the jail woke up and ran to see what had happened. He was afraid that all the prisoners had run away. Have each child link a fourth circle onto the chain.

Paul and Silas called to him, "We are all here." The jailer was amazed. He knew something had happened that only God could do. He asked Paul and Silas what he should do. Have each child link a fifth circle onto the chain.

"Believe in Jesus," they told him. And he did. He let Paul and Silas out of jail. The jailer took them to his home and took care of them. He gave them food to eat. The jailer's family members all became Christians that night.

Ask: Why do you think Paul and Silas could sing and praise God after so many bad things had happened to them? When will you sing and pray to God this week?

Pray: Dear God, thank you for always being with us, no matter what happens. Help us to remember that you are always here, always loving us wherever we are. Amen.

Make paper chains.

Sing praise songs. Use rhythm instruments to accompany the songs.

Use one-pint plastic berry baskets as jail cells. Make puppets by drawing features on the ends of craft sticks. Decorate the puppets with fabric scraps and yarn. Let the children tell the Bible story using the puppets and basket.

Spice Up the Recipe!

Purchase a 13x9-inch cake, and frost it using a thin layer of canned frosting. Cut Fruit by the Foot into strips long enough to lay over the top of the cake. Place the fruit strips two-inches apart over the cake's surface to look like prison bars. Decorate the top of the cake with one of the chains.

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