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Children's Correspondence Team

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Our children's correspondence team is a group of children who've committed to express compassion and encouragement to people in our church by writing notes and letters. Each week our pastor gives me a list of people who need a note of encouragement, condolence, or congratulations. Then I phone or email each team member with the names of one or two of these people. The kids write their notes of encouragement, and parents review the notes before they're mailed to the recipients.

The kids who participate in the correspondence team are responsible to write their notes within a certain amount of time, to attend one training session per year, and to resign from the ministry when they're no longer able to fulfill their obligations. We've decided that hand-written notes are preferable, but computer-generated notes are appropriate for certain occasions.

The recipients have written notes back to our children thanking them for this kind gesture. And children have developed loving relationships with church members whom they might not have gotten to know any other way.

Rebecca Maney
Gastonia, North Carolina

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