Palm Sunday Craft: Chain of Praises

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This Palm Sunday Craft: Chain of Praises is a great worship experience for just your children’s ministry or your entire church!

On Palm Sunday, put three brightly colored strips of paper (approximately 2 1/2 x 11 inches long) in each worship bulletin. During the service just before the offering, ask people to write a praise statement on each of their strips. When they’re finished, collect the strips. Have children write their praise strips during Sunday school so they have more time to think.

During the week, staple the strips into loops and make praise chains. Make the chains about 8- to 10-feet long. Add sections of blank strips to stretch out the chains so they’re long enough to surround your congregation.

On Easter Sunday, have the kids march down the center aisle, then around the sides of the sanctuary, surrounding the congregation with the praise chains. Explain to your congregation what the chains are comprised of, then lead the entire group in a litany of praise, which includes the phrase “He is risen!” as a refrain. Each time the congregation says, “He is risen!” the kids raise the praise chains high in the air.

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Jean Ballew
McPherson, Kansas


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