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Chain Gang

You can use this game to teach kids about resourcefulness or making the most of a situation. You can also talk about how God can do a lot with the little we have.

Game Overview: Preteens will use the things they brought to your meeting to make a huge chain.
Energy Level: Medium
Supplies: None
Preparation: None

Have a few supplies like twine and shoelaces on hand just in case preteens don't bring anything with them.

Have kids form groups of at least five people. Say: Using items the members of your group brought to this meeting, make the longest chain possible. The only rules are that you must keep on the clothes covering your shoulders to your knees and that every item in the chain must be connected to the items on either side. For example, you can add your shoelaces, keys, and sandals to the chain. Does anyone have any questions?

Allow groups a few minutes to work. Then look to see how long each of the chains is. You can also use a tape measure to see how long the chains are.

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