Christmas Census Questions

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Use these Christmas Census Questions with your family.

Read aloud Luke 2:1-5 to see how Mary and Joseph had to travel for the census. Then answer the following questions as a family.

1. How many people live in our house?

2. What’s the age of the youngest person in our house?

3. What’s the age of the oldest child in our house?

4. Why do we have Bibles in our house?

5. What’s the best thing about our family?

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6. What do we like about our family praying together?

7. What’s our favorite thing about Christmas?

8. What’s each person’s favorite Christmas decoration?

9. When are the best times for our family to talk about God?

10. How does our family’s faith help us at school or work?

11. What’s something you’re thankful to God for today?

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