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During our Celebration Station workshop yesterday at the Celebrate Recovery Conference, Lori Keller shared a story about a child whose family's life was changed because of Celebration Station.

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So here's the story…a little girl was spending the night with her friend Mary (whose family goes to Celebrate Recovery on Friday nights). So she went along with this little girl to Celebration Station, and she loved it! The next week, she told her mom she wanted to go back. So Mom went too. The next week, at Dad's house, she told him she wanted to go back. So Dad went too.

Soon, Mom on one side of the room and Dad on the other and the child in Celebration Station. They all found that they liked it.

And here's the kicker: God healed their family and brought the couple back together, restoring their marriage! (That's what I call a goosebump story!)

If you haven't yet checked out Celebrate Recovery and Celebration Station (and now the new Landing for youth), do it today. There are broken families who need healing in every community!

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