Celebrate Recovery for Kids


I’m writing a new resource that I’m very excited about–it’s Celebrate Recovery for Kids, and it should be available this August.

When I first started considering freelancing this project, I was unsure. I haven’t freelanced since my first husband’s death. I just haven’t had it in me. And, even now, I’m not sure I have it in me. (Pray for discipline!)

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But I sensed that God was calling me to this project. And the fact that I am an adult child of an alcoholic, I figured that God wanted me to also walk through the 12 steps in the program. I have been ministered to by the principles in Celebrate Recovery (CR) already.

The other thing I find so amazing, though, is that God can take all the pain that I experienced as a child and transform it into helping children whose parents have hurts, habits, and hangups. That’s very cool of God! And, like John Baker’s dream, God can take a resource like this and help children avoid the patterns of hurts, habits, and hangups. That’s very cool of God, too!

I remember so many times as a child praying and asking God to help my dad stop drinking. That prayer was finally answered in my dad’s 70’s…kind of. So the fact is that regular Sunday school lessons about “God answers prayer” just fall short of what a child in a situation like this faces. Children like me need something different…and I think CR for Kids will provide it. I’m eager to work with the CR folks to create something that’ll help children continue to cry out to God–even when their parents’ pain may be too deep for quick answers.

I love what John (founder of CR) said when we met with him months ago. “We’ve translated CR into nine languages; we need you to translate it into ‘child.’ ” I am a translator.

Celebrate Recovery for Kids
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  1. I started attending CR about 15 months ago. At that time the CR
    I attend had CelbrTion Station
    For my 10 year old.
    3 months after we started attending
    My 10 year old was listening to a conversation I was having she pulled
    On my pants leg and said “Daddy
    You are in denial you just need to face
    She was right.
    She now tells me she feels insecure and lonely.
    Because the people that were leading
    The kids Celabration Station were burned out we no longer have that option for our daughter so she is not
    Learning the tools to deal with this.
    I would love to see a kids CR daily devotional or a kids CR home curriculum .
    Any plans for this?

    • Scott Firestone on

      Hi Jeff,

      We’re so glad you’ve found help with Celebration Place. Unfortunately, at this time we have no plans for a daily devotional or a home curriculum.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. I am interested in the CR program for kids. could you please give me some information on the CR Program for kids.

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