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Questions to ask focus groups

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Use these questions to spark conversation and get to the root of
what parents want and need from your ministry. Estimate 10 minutes
of discussion per question, though some may take more time and
others less.

• How can we partner with you in your child’s spiritual

• What would you like to see your children taught from God’s Word?
What do you want them to learn and live out?

• In what areas would you like to see your child grow

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• What cultural issues and challenges do you see your child facing
right now? How can we partner with you to navigate through these

• What challenges and struggles are you facing as a parent right
now? How can we help you in these areas?

• How can we make your child’s experience at church better?

• What’s working well right now in the children’s ministry? What
positive things do you see happening in your child’s life as a

• How can we make our children’s ministry even better?

• How can we communicate with you better?

Quick Tips

Check out these important tips before you go after feedback.

• Get feedback immediately after big events such as camps,
VBS, and outreaches while the experience is still fresh.

• Rely on a few key parents you can go to for honest feedback who
love the ministry enough to be very honest…even if it

• Anonymity tends to bring honesty, so consider making at least 50
percent of your feedback anonymous.

• Offer thank yous, such as a cup of coffee or a chance to win a
book, for completing feedback forms or surveys; many people won’t
spend the time unless they feel there’s a trade-off.

• Make feedback surveys simple, easy, and short.

• Don’t survey people to death. Use wisdom on how many surveys and
focus groups you do during the year.  

• Always say thank you for the feedback you

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