Camp Can-Do: 3 Summer Daycamp Plans

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Check out Camp Can-Do: 3 Summer Daycamp Plans your kids will love!

If a lack of resources has you looking at a list of “summer can’ts,” we’ve got a lot of “cans” for you! Stay right in town and give your kids amazing, camp-like memories–all on a shoestring budget. Want to give kids a memorable, camp-like experience this summer-but your budget’s busted? Rather than fretting about all the things you can’t do with your kids, let us help you focus on the wonderful opportunities you can have-regardless of budget constraints.

We’ve created three super-fun, super faith-filled themes you can use this summer with kids-without worry over time or money. Try one or all!

Creation Camp 

Creation Camp Schedule

9:00-9:20 Welcome/Worship
9:20-9:40 Game 1: Water Split
9:40-10:00 Devotion: Creative Creation
10:00-10:20 Snack: Mini Apple Pies
10:20-10:40 Game 2: Big Bowling Bash
10:40-11:00 Craft: Bug Barn


Fun Things to Do
Creative Creation – Let kids exercise their creative juices as they learn about God’s creation.
Water Split – Here’s a wet-and-wild challenge all kids will enjoy.
Big Bowling Bash – Add a new spin on this game with things kids find when they bowl.
Mini Apple Pies – Taste God’s sweet creation: fruit!
Bug Barn – Take care of God’s creation with this fun craft.

Bonus Game: Creation Concentration

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God spoke, and it was there! Can your kids think of creation that quickly?

You’ll Need: a ball

Have kids stand in a circle. Toss the ball around. When kids catch the ball, they have 2 seconds to shout out the name of something God created, such as a zebra or an oak tree. Then the child will pass the ball to someone else.

If a child can’t think of a creation in time, or if they repeat something that’s been said, he or she must sit down. But they can get right back in the game by jumping up if someone else gets stuck and shouting out an answer.

Ask: • What was it like to think of things God created so quickly?
• How do you think God created the world so quickly?

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