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Many parents today define their relationship with their children as
a friendship and a parent-child relationship. Recent studies show
that parents and children are closer than ever, with many parents
relying on their children for everything from relationship advice
to help with home-buying decisions and more, much as Erin does. But
along with this camaraderie, parents still take seriously their
role as mentors, coaches, and disciplinarians who are responsible
for preparing their children for life in today’s-and

Enter Leonard Sweet, the “futurist.” Sweet travels the country
inspiring thousands of pastors to step into this century with their
thoughts and actions. Once when speaking about his childhood, Sweet
said his mother told him repeatedly how she never wanted to
isolate him from anything; instead, she wanted to
insulate him. Sweet described how insulation protects a
house from the outside elements that would otherwise harm it. I’m
guessing almost every parent with a child in your ministry would
agree with this idea: Parents today want insulation for their

Blueprint: To help parents insulate their kids,
continually remind parents of the enormous impact they have on the
spiritual development of their children-without nagging them.
Encourage parents to think about their daily lives as their daily
faith example for their children. Many parents today recognize
their influence on their children-encourage them to exercise that
influence for good.

Finally, build a new mentality together. With parents, you and your
pastors, leaders, volunteers, and congregation have a platform on
which you can construct something to shelter kids for a lifetime:
their personal relationship with Jesus. cm

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