Build Community and Reach Out Through Your Kids!


Crisp colorful leaves are starting to fall and kids are now
getting back into the groove of school. With fall coming
full-speed-ahead, it’s the perfect time to plan a fun outreach to
children that spreads the light of Jesus to their whole family and
gets them plugged into your church for good!

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We want to equip and motivate children to reach out to others.
When kids share their Christian faith with others, they’re not only
strengthening their own faith, but they’re spreading the Good News
about Jesus to those who haven’t heard!

The most effective way to reach unchurched kids is by
encouraging your church kids to invite their unchurched friends to
your children’s ministry programs. But keep in mind that unchurched
kids may not be attracted to the idea of “Christian growth,” so be
sure to emphasize the fun of your programs-the games, crafts,
snacks, and friendships!

Discovering a Friendship With God
“Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the
knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord” (2 Peter 1:2).

Children's Ministry Local Training

Can you remember a time when you met a new friend in your
neighborhood or community? People are drawn to friendships
with one another. Most people can still remember (or still keep in
touch with) friends from grade school. We don’t easily forget
friendships. When you introduce Jesus to a child, you’re sharing
with them the best friend they’ll ever have. Reaching out to the
community and helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus
is what outreach is all about! When kids discover that Jesus is
their “forever friend,” they’ll experience the eternal love of a
father who never leaves them or rejects them.

Recruiting Gen Xers

Building Community
“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and
the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and
continue to help them” (Hebrews 6:10).

Effective outreach starts with building community in your
church. Having a sense of community and meaningful relationships
with other people is an important way to feel connected with one
another and the church.

It’s important to build community in the church through your
children’s ministry programs. Getting everyone involved
makes each person know that he or she plays an important role in
kids’ lives. When you build community in your church you’re
building relationships, and relationships with one another help us
to grow stronger in our faith.

Parents are the people who will have the greatest spiritual
impact in their children’s lives — this means involving families
in your children’s ministry programs is important! We encourage you
to involve kids’ families in your programs whenever possible.

There are a variety of ways to involve parents and families in
your ministry:

  • Have a “celebration station” at your church where parents and
    adults can stop by and see what’s on the calendar for the month.
    Encourage parents and adults to sign up to

    • bring snacks for the kids,
    • be a guest speaker during the children’s program, or
    • lead an activity or lesson one week.
  • Have a celebration time each week and invite parents and family
    members to applaud and affirm kids’ actions. It’s also a great way
    to meet parents each week! When they attend, take some time to
    greet each of them.
  • Make an announcement in your church about the things you’re
    doing in your children’s ministry area. Invite (and
    encourage) the adults in your church to join in the fun
    activities and important events.
Church Mouse Pads

Your teens can also help with a number of roles. They can

  • greet kids as they arrive,
  • take photos,
  • help with snacks and crafts, or
  • help with preschoolers.

Teens make great role
models for younger kids, and it’s a great self-esteem builder when
you encourage them to participate in significant roles!

A New Kind of Outreach
Group’s Heroes Unmasked and Wild West Fest, new
Halloween alternative events, were built with one thing in mind:
intentional outreach. You can use the program any time
you’re trying to reach your community to express God’s love — all
the games, activities, and publicity items have timeless themes —
but each is perfect for Halloween.

Heroes Unmasked and Wild West Fest are
designed as a family outreach events that emphasize fun,
discovering Jesus, and building community! The program will draw
children and their families to your church and give them a great
experience. But beyond that it will provide a great way for you to
make personal contact with children and parents and give you a
logical reason to stay in touch with them. It’s an unbeatable
outreach event for the community, kids, and their families.

We want to help kids know and understand God’s love in
child-friendly ways. Both Heroes Unmasked and Wild
West Fest
plant Bible truths in kids’ hearts and minds in ways
that stick!
Each is a great way to encourage kids to reach out to others and
grow your children’s ministry program, all at the same time!

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