Bug Barn Craft



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Take care of God’s creation with this fun craft.

Scripture: Genesis 1:28

You’ll Need: For each child, you’ll need a small container with a lid. (To buy bug catcher kits, go to orientaltrading.com.) You’ll also need scissors, construction paper, stickers, old nylon stockings, glue, markers, and a Bible.

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Read aloud the Scripture. Ask:

  • What’s your favorite bug that scurries along the ground?
  • How can we take care of God’s creation?

Help kids cut a 2- to 3-inch hole in the box front. Glue a small piece of nylon stocking over the hole. Then have kids leave the hole uncovered as they wrap their boxes with construction paper and decorate with stickers, markers, or other craft supplies.

After kids collect non-stinging bugs from your property or on their own later, have them add foliage and put on the lid to seal in bugs. Encourage them to release the bugs after a day or so.

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