Bubble Prayer for Preschoolers

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The Bubble Prayer for preschoolers will remind them that God can calm their troubles.

All you’ll need is bubble solution and a bubble wand for each child. Say the prayer as kids follow your lead in blowing bubbles.

Lord, I’m blowing my bubbles up to you (blow bubbles);

I’m blowing my troubles up to you (blow bubbles).

Just like when the bubbles go, “POP!”

You can help troubles disappear and stop.

Lord, I’m blowing my bubbles up to you (blow bubbles);

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I’m blowing my troubles up to you (blow bubbles).


Lisa Plowman Dolensky Hoover, Alabama

This Bubble Prayer for Preschoolers is excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine



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  1. Cornelia W. Rossouw on

    Little bit worried about this lesson. The thought is very close to what our parents and family did when we were kids in 1958. They like blow the wrat to the moon and then chant that it must not come back. It dissipeared to our amasement. Think kids should be motivated to do a short scripture when doing this so that they no that it is all about Jesus and what He can do. Sorry about this negative thought. xxx

    • Christine Yount Jones
      Christine Yount Jones on

      Cornelia, that’s a great thought! What do you think of 1 Peter 5:7…casting all our cares on Jesus?

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