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• Legos in a resealable bag

sunday school

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• Moon Sand sculpting sand

• PlayFoam sculpting material

• Window Crayons and Window Writers

• Whiteboard markers

• Magic Nuudles cornstarch building blocks

• Giant chenille pipe cleaners

• Bendaroos sculpting material

• Mini Marshmallow Blaster and marshmallows

• Alcohol wipes

• One-subject notebook

• Colored pencils

• Glitter Putty

• Construction paper

• Washable markers

• Super Balls

• Christian music CDs for kids


iCREATE If you have time to burn as kids are
arriving, try this activity. Have kids use Legos building blocks,
Moon Sand sculpting sand, or PlayFoam sculpting material, Window
Writers, or whiteboard markers to create a symbol of something that
happened during the week. Then have kids show their creation as
they say: “Hi, my name is __________ , and I created this__________
, because last week__________ .”


iLAUNCH Choose one person to be the Launcher.
The Launcher will use the marshmallow launcher to blast their
friends with marshmallows to eat. Have kids stand across the room
from the Launcher. They’ll stand ready to catch a marshmallow in
their hands (or mouth, if they feel really crazy). Whoever catches
a marshmallow introduces him- or herself and has to come up on the
spot with a random question for everyone in the group to answer,
such as, “What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?” Use an
alcohol wipe to disinfect the blaster after each game.


iLEARN In this game, you’re the Launcher. Have
kids stand ready to catch the marshmallow in their mouth or hands.
Whoever catches the marshmallow will answer a question based on
what you discussed in class. The Catcher has the option to “pass”
one time, giving the question to someone else. Use these questions
to spark discussion and get kids to think about the Bible

• Who did you relate to most from our Bible story?

• What’s one question you have regarding today’s Bible

• What’s one thing you could pray about based on what you
learned today?

• What will you do differently this week based on our Bible

• When have you experienced something similar to what happened
in our Bible story?

• Why is this lesson important?


iRESPOND Let kids use any craft supplies from
the can to create a symbol of what the day’s lesson meant to them.
For instance, kids can draw a picture or write how they’ll apply
the point to life — on the windows, the whiteboard, or paper. Or
they might choose to create a symbol using giant chenille pipe
cleaners or Bendaroos sculpting material that reminds them of what
they learned. Invite kids to share what their creation


iPRAY Create a class prayer journal with a
notebook that kids will write prayer notes in. Have all the kids
write their name on the cover because it belongs to all of them.
Then take out the journal throughout the year. Encourage kids to
take turns writing their prayers or notes using colored pencils.
Give kids prayer prompts if they’re stumped, such as “I thank God
for…” “I need help with…” and “I pray for….” Close your time with a
prayer, including requests from the prayer journal.


iCHILL Give kids Glitter Putty, Super Balls, or
simply space. Play Christian music and let kids just “chill” as
they quietly listen to the music. Use these tactile treats to help
them focus on the music.

• Squish the Glitter Putty between their fingers.

• Play with Super Balls while listening to Christian music.

• Relax on the floor at least 5 feet from anyone else, close
their eyes, and listen to a song.

For downloadable instructions and supply lists as well as online
resources to find everything you need for a Plan in a Can, go to
Web Exclusives at

Cynthia Crane has been a children’s
minister for more than 20 years and is mom to two great kids.

Sharon Stratmoen is a 23-year kidmin veteran.
She also leads national workshops.

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