Bored No More: Plan in a Can!


When your class time is over and the sermon isn’t, whaddaya do? Make sure kids are bored no more! Try a Plan in a Can!

It’s Sunday morning and you’ve just finished your entire lesson. You check the clock, and while the service should be ending…you hear no music, see no parents coming down the hall, discern no sounds of the benediction. What you do hear is your senior pastor, still excited about the message. And then you quickly begin trying to figure out what you’re going to do with a room full of kids and no lesson left — without letting them see you sweat.

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The temptation may be to run; it’s not easy to think of creative and interesting ideas to keep kids engaged when you have extra time on your hands. But don’t run — think of it as an honor that God chose you to have a few extra minutes with your kids.

You might be thinking, Holy buckets! Are you kidding me? I signed up for one hour. It’s been an hour and 20 minutes and these kids are just staring at me. Well…they should be. You’re pretty special. You’re the one person God selected for this moment. Every extra minute kids get with you is his gift to them.

And you? You need a survival kit. A bucket of back up, a plan in a can.

So we’ve created two kits you can build on your own and store in your room. When you have extra time with kids, don’t sweat it-just pull out your plan in a can and get busy! And just in case you’re wondering, Why call it a can? Why not a box or a bin or a bucket? It’s because for those times when you’re wondering if you’ll be able to keep kids’ attention and bust their boredom, the name is a sweet reminder that yes, you can!


Bored No More: Plan in a Can!
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  1. The article says, “we’ve created two kits for you ” for plan in a can (?) I’m not seeing the ideas, the article ends.

    • Christine Yount Jones on

      Rhonda, Plan in a Can: Games Galore! is on page 2. And Plan in a Can: Craft Creations is on page 4. The page numbers to click on are at the bottom of the page.

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