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Big Presents, Little Package

presentShare a light-hearted moment of joy and discovery with your volunteers this Christmas. You'll need a small matchbox stuffed completely with tiny items such as a staple, paper clip, stamp, dental floss, dime, pin, safety pin, button, string, ribbon, bead, nail, toothpick, pebble, and seed. Gift wrap the filled box.

Place the tiny gift where all can see, and ask your volunteers to guess what tiny gift might be inside the box. Give them one minute to write their guess. Then ask one volunteer to unwrap the gift and display what's inside.

Ask: Were you surprised by how much was inside such a tiny box? Why or why not? How is this gift like or unlike the children in our ministry?

Say: The children we minister to are a lot like this box-they're small on the outside, but they're filled with great treasures.

Ask: How can we celebrate our children's gifts? How can we focus on kids' treasures more in our ministry? How can you celebrate those gifts in your role?

Close in prayer, thanking God for each child in your ministry.

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