Big Hearted


Kids will see that God’s love reaches to everyone-no matter
where they come from.
: John 4:7-15
You’ll Need: A large poster board with different
colors on each side, pencils, and a Bible

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Before kids arrive, draw a large heart on the poster board. Then
tear the heart into pieces so you have one piece per child. Let
children know which color you want them to write on so the puzzle

Read John 4:7-9. Say: When this happened, men didn’t speak to
women in public and Jewish people didn’t speak to Samaritan

Plus, this woman was poor and people thought she wasn’t “good

Give each child a piece of the torn heart. Say: Turn to a partner
and talk about a time you didn’t feel like you were good

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Ask: What things can make people feel different today?

Read John 4:10-15. Say: Jesus didn’t care that the woman was
different or that he wasn’t supposed to talk to her. He loved her
anyway and offered her living water-his way of inviting her to have
faith in him.

Have kids each write one thing on their heart piece that makes
them feel unique or different. Have kids share what they wrote as
they glue their pieces onto the poster board, making it into a

Say: Just as we fit the heart together, Jesus wants us to fit with
people who are different from us and show them his love.

• What are good things about being different from other
• How can you show love to someone who’s different?

This activity is part of the camp idea “Camp
” which was excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine.
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