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Bible Retreat

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Fall is a good time to give Bibles to the children in your program. Many churches make this an annual event and give Bibles to a certain age group each year during a special worship service. You can make this tradition even more meaningful by hosting a Bible retreat for kids.

Stay overnight at a hotel, camp, or retreat facility within two hours of your church. Bring parents along as chaperones so they can participate in this memorable experience. Combine the fun and excitement of games, a bonfire, and Bible experiences. Bible experiences:

  • Design a scavenger hunt based on Bible verses. For example, have kids find something that's found in Genesis 2:9 (trees); Joshua 7:26 (rocks); Nehemiah 8:10 (food and drink); Hosea 10:7 (twig); Zechariah 9:3 (dirt); and 2 John 1:12 (paper).
  • Present a brief drama of how the Bible came together.
  • Pray a portion of Psalm 119 for kids.
  • Have kids prepare and present dramatic interpretations of parables. Discuss how Jesus used parables.
  • Use Psalm 98 to launch a worship service out in nature.
  • Have an old-fashioned "sword drill." Have children work in groups and race to look up books, chapters, and verses.
  • Bring along a spinning wheel that has various numbers printed on the wheel. Make a list of Bible questions, especially focusing on content that you've chosen for the Bible retreat. Ask the questions, and spin for points.

Elaine Friedrich is a director of elementary ministries in Texas. Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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