Bible Lesson: Halloween Grades 4 to 6


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To help take the “Scare” out of Halloween, use this
lesson to help kids trust Jesus when they’re afraid…

1. Pumpkin Matchup — Remove the seeds and pulp
from two pumpkins. Carve the pumpkins, reserving large pieces from
your carving. Place all the pumpkin pieces on one tray in the
center of the room. Place the carved pumpkins at opposite ends of
the room. Then form two teams and have teams each stand by a carved

Say: Race to match your team’s pumpkin pieces to your
pumpkin. If the piece you pick doesn’t match up, return it to the
pumpkin pile. Work together to get your pumpkin back together.

After the game, say: It’s not always easy to find the
right match for things. As Christians, our goal is to do things
that match up with God’s Word. But we have an enemy who doesn’t
want us to follow God’s Word.

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2. Fight for the LightSay: Today
we’re going to learn how to protect ourselves from our enemy-the
devil. Let’s play a game where we need to protect something.

Form two lines with a 1-foot aisle between the lines. Have kids
in each line face the aisle. Have one child walk down the aisle
holding a cotton ball in his or her open palm. Have kids in line
try to blow the cotton ball out of the child’s hand. The
cotton-ball carrier must protect the cotton ball without closing
his or her hand. Once the player makes it through the line or the
cotton ball is blown away, pass the cotton ball to the next person
in line, alternating between lines. Players go to the end of the
line after their turn.

After everyone has had a turn, ask: How did you feel
walking between the lines while others tried to blow away your
cotton ball? How did you feel when your cotton ball was blown away?
when it wasn’t?

Say: The Bible says Jesus is the light, but the devil
tries to blow out the light. How does the devil try to blow out
Jesus’ light? When have you felt like the devil tried to blow out
your “Jesus light”? How can you protect yourself from getting your
Jesus light blown out? Say: The Bible says we can protect ourselves
from the devil.

Have children read aloud Ephesians 6:10-20.

3. Godly CostumesSay: During
Halloween, many people like to wear scary costumes. Let’s be ready
when evil comes our way by putting on a godly costume. Form pairs.
Have each partner lie down on a sheet of butcher paper while the
other partner draws an outline of their body. Have children use a
variety of art supplies to create godly costumes based on the
Scripture. After kids are finished, ask: What are some
things you can do this week to put on God’s armor to protect you
from evil?

4. Prayer Light — Gather kids in a circle. Go
around the circle with each person praying “Dear God, help me
remember to put on my godly costume every day. Amen.”

Allergy Alert: Some children have food allergies that can be
dangerous. Know your children, and consult with parents about
allergies their children may have.

5. SnackFood For
-You’ll need: Apple slices, peanut butter, mini
marshmallows, and blunt knives
Directions: Have children spread
peanut butter on their apple slices. Then have them stick four mini
marshmallows to the peanut butter to make “smiles.”
We feel happy when God protects us and keeps us safe. When we feel
happy, we smile. Turn and give each other a big smile. Then enjoy
eating your apple smile.

Susan Grover is a children’s minister in California. Please
keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject
to change.

Grades 4-6


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