Bible Adventure: Abraham Pre to K


Bible Activity: Trusting God-*Say: Today,
we’re going to learn that God gives us what we need. Let’s pretend
it’s very cold. (Take time to pretend.) All around this room are
hidden things that God has given us to get warm. But you have to
look for the things.

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Lead kids in hunting for hidden coats, sweaters, gloves and
other winter wear. After kids find all the clothing, have them put
the clothes on. Then paraphrase the story from Genesis 22:1-19. Focus on how God gave Abraham
what he needed.

Craft: Little Lambs-Give children each one 2-inch section
of a toilet paper roll and cotton balls. You’ll also need glue

Help children each apply glue to their roll. Then have them stick
on cotton balls to make a lamb. As the children work, reinforce the
idea, “God gives us what we need.”

Snack: You’ll need: Ricotta cheese (or goat cheese),
crackers, dried fruit and blunt knives.

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Directions: Tell children they’re going to enjoy a snack
that Abraham and Isaac may’ve eaten on their journey. Pretend that
the ricotta cheese is goat’s cheese. Have kids gather around the
food and serve one another goat’s cheese on crackers and dried

This lesson was created for GRADES PRESCHOOL-KINDERGARTEN.

Contributors: Nancy Paulson, Cindy Newell, Heather Ward, Walter


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