God and Abraham Bible Lesson: Grades 1 to 2


Use this Sunday school lesson to teach first- and second-graders about God and Abraham.

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Trust Walk
Form pairs. Blindfold one child. Have the other child lead the blindfolded child around the room. Tell the guide to stop occasionally and let the blindfolded partner touch or smell things. Don’t allow any talking. After three minutes, have partners switch roles.

Read aloud Genesis 22:1-19.

Ask: How did you feel when you had to trust your guide? How do you think Abraham felt when he had to trust God? Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? Why does God want us to trust him?

Lamb Masks Craft
Give each child two connected egg cups from an egg carton. Have kids cut a circle out of the bottom of each cup. Have kids thread pipe cleaners through punched holes on the sides of their mask to make ear pieces. Then give kids glue and cotton balls to decorate their lamb masks. Afterward, have kids wear their masks and play Lamb in a Thicket (otherwise known as Hide-and-Seek).

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You’ll need: Ricotta cheese (or goat cheese), crackers, dried fruit and blunt knives. Directions: Tell children they’re going to enjoy a snack that Abraham and Isaac may’ve eaten on their journey. Pretend that the ricotta cheese is goat’s cheese. Have kids gather around the food and serve one another goat’s cheese on crackers and dried fruit.

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