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Bible Activity: Samson, Samson!

Before a lesson on Samson from Judges 14-16, draw an outline of Samson's head and torso on a large sheet of poster board. Cut out the outline and color Samson's facial features and clothes. Glue short strands of dark yarn on the forehead for hair. Glue long strands close together on the top of Samson's head so some yarn dangles like hair. Also, cut 8-inch pieces from the legs of nylon hose. Tie a knot in one end of each hose piece.

When children arrive, give them each two hose pieces. Have them stuff the hose with fabric scraps of Poly-Fil. Help them tie the other end of each piece. Then have children each tuck one hose piece into each of their shirt sleeves to make pretend muscles.

Tell the story of Samson to children. During the appropriate time, lay "Samson" on the table with his hair hanging over the edge. Quietly sneak up to Samson and cut the long strands of yarn. Or l et each child quietly take turns cutting the hair.

After the story, lead children in the following activity. Have children do the actions in parentheses:

Samson, oh Samson, with muscles so strong. (Point to the nylon muscles.)

You told Delilah your secret. (Cup hands around mouth as if telling a secret.)

That's where you went wrong. (Shake index finger.)

Samson, oh Samson, your hair is so long. (Indicate long hair by stroking the top of your head down to your shoulders.)

With a clip, clip, snip, snip, (Use fingers as pretend scissors.)

Your hair and strength are all gone! (Remove muscles and fall limply on the floor.)

Robyn Kundert
Gibbon, Nebraska 


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