Beth Moore Confirmed at KidMin 2012


We're so excited about Beth Moore speaking at our KidMin Conference September 28–Oct. 1 in Chicago this year! This is such a God thing that she’s joining us!

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We tried to get Beth to come through the regular channels and it wasn't working out. But God introduced us to a sweet man named Steve Seelig who just happened to be Beth’s lifetime friend. Steve explained what this unconventional conference is all about—renewed passion, deeper learning, and authentic conversation for children's and family ministers. He painted a beautiful picture of who our guests are–the most passionate, visionary, compassionate, creative, fun-loving ministers around!

And, basically, Beth said, "You had me at 'children.' " She's a grandma now and said she's so grateful for people who are investing in her grandkids in her church. And she wants to be able to speak that to you–if you’re there!

I know, Beth Moore is a big women's ministry speaker, but at KidMin, she's coming to speak to the heart of children's and family ministers–whether you're male or female!

Don't miss out! Every week, we're adding new, amazing people to our speaker and trainer lineup. And we're creating new surprises to bless you.

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It's the truth when I tell you that seats are filling up fast. Register today! (and bring your team because there's so much to experience, you'll want to divide and conquer!)


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