Back to School Ideas for Church


Back to School Ideas for Church: These 16 A+ ideas will keep your kids from playing hooky from church!

Yellow school buses. Crisp backpacks. The smell of new school supplies. The sound of school bells ringing.

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It’s that time of the year! The summer recess is over, and kids are heading back to school. Along with that, family vacations have come to an end, and everyone is ready to get back into a routine.

That’s why we’ve packed this special section with 16 back-to-school ideas to help you capture kids’ attention and keep them coming back to church for more. You’ll find ideas for building attendance and strengthening children’s faith in Christ. Use these fun crafts, games, and bulletin board ideas to help kids score high in their walk with God this fall.
Faith Builder: Prayer Huddles

I have prayer huddles at the beginning of my class. I have two helpers and two teachers each lead a prayer group. We pray for 10 to 15 minutes.

Because of these prayer huddles, the children each have an adult who’s interested in them and prays with them about their requests. We keep the same groups all year so the children feel secure sharing with each other. The leader keeps a prayer journal to record weekly requests and answers.

We also give each group its own missionary. The groups pray for the missionary families and correspond with them by email and letters.

Laurie Wright
Springfield, Illinois

Review Scripture Scroll

To help children remember what they learn in class, I have them make scrolls.

I give each child a yard of muslin with the edges zig-zag cut to reduce raveling. I set out permanent markers, fabric paint, glue, and fabric scraps at the start of each class.

The point of this project is for the children to express how God’s Word strikes their heart. I allow five to 10 minutes at the beginning of each class for children to express on their scrolls what they learned from God’s Word the previous week. Children eventually create 30 images on their scrolls.

At a year-end prayer service, I give each child his or her scroll nicely folded with a gold ribbon around it.

Norma Kelly
Medina, Ohio

Back to School Ideas for Church
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