The Back-to-School Angel Skit


Use this short skit to help kids know that God is with them at school — and everywhere!


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  • Teacher, dressed in clothing typically worn to church
  • Tutor the angel, dressed in a tattered robe with gold patches and gold smears, wings with loose feathers, and a bent halo (possibly a gold bike helmet with a halo attached)

Props: For Tutor you’ll need a half-full bag of gold glitter; a sheet of paper with a list of names; three folded notes kept in Tutor’s robe; a bike part, such as a handlebar, bell, or bent wheel. If possible, spray paint the bike part gold.

(The teacher is giving announcements when a loud, crashing noise is heard off- stage or in the hallway. The teacher investigates, then backs into the room. A confused angel wearing a twisted halo and carrying a bike part and bag of glitter enters the room.)

Tutor: Hey! Where am I? (Stumbles around; acts confused.)

Teacher: Oh my, be careful! (Helps steady the angel.) It sounds like you had an accident out there. Are you okay?

Tutor: (Checks himself.) Well, I think so. (Brushes his feathered wings and a couple of feathers fall out.) Oh feathers! Look at me! I’m coming apart. My best set of wings, too. (Holds up the bike part.) And look at this. My Gold Wing bike is a wreck. Guess I was looking at my galaxy map and wasn’t watching where I was going when I crash landed. Is this (name of your local school)?

Teacher: No, this is (name of church). And who are you might I ask?

Tutor: I’m Tutor. (Brushes himself off again and straightens up, assuming that everyone is impressed. Teacher tilts head as though everyone needs more information. Tutor finally notices that he needs to explain himself more.) I’m Tutor. You know, the Back-to-School Angel. (Teacher still doesn’t get it but grins anyway. Tutor sighs.) You’ve never heard of me? I’m called Tutor because I’m a special kind of guardian who helps kids one at a time.

Teacher: Oh, well, nice to meet you. I am (name), and all these kids here at (church name) are sure glad you’re okay.

Tutor: This isn’t (name of local school)? (Teacher shakes head and encourages kids to do the same.) No, huh? Well, I’m sure I checked my galaxy map and was following the directions correctly. It’s very important that I get there right away. (Paces anxiously.)

Teacher: But Tutor, this is Sunday. Even if you were at the school, no one would be there.

Tutor: Tomorrow?! Oh feathers! I’ve cracked up my bike and I’ve got the wrong day! (Notices his bag of glitter is half full.) And look at this, my Super Blessing Dust has spilled all over the place. Oh feathers! What am I going to do? (Sadly sits on stage.)

Teacher: Oh, Tutor, we sure are sorry. Is there anything we can do to help?

Tutor: Help me? You want to help me? No, no, you don’t understand. I was sent to help you! Someone called me yesterday. Well, actually I got a couple of calls. (Pulls out the list of names.) I came as quickly as I could. Looks like I might’ve come too quickly, though.

Teacher: Someone from our church called you?

Tutor: Yes, I downloaded the urgent voice mail from our Cloud 9 file. (Stands up and pulls a note from the robe.) Here it is!

Teacher: What’s a Cloud 9 file?

Tutor: It’s our heavenly prayer line. (Hands the note to the teacher.)

Teacher: (Reads the note.) “God, help! I don’t know anybody at my new school, and it’s way bigger than my old one. I’m scared I’ll get lost and look really stupid. Then no one will want to be my friend.” (Turns the note over.) It’s not signed.

Tutor: That’s okay! The Boss knows who sent it. (Pulls out another note from a student at another school or in another class.) Here’s a request from someone else. This one needs help with a new teacher who’s supposed to be really strict. (Pulls out another note.) And here’s one from a kid who worries about money for school clothes.

Teacher: Well, those are things a lot of kids think about when school starts. Maybe even some of our guys and girls are thinking about those things. Is that why you were sent?

Tutor: Yes, the Boss uses angels to send his message of love and remind people to trust him. (Moans loudly.) But feathers! I messed up again! Some Back-to-School Angel I am! I can’t get the day or the place right, and I’ve cracked up my Gold Wing bike. And I even skinned my knee. (Rubs knee.)

Teacher: Oh, Tutor, I don’t think you’ve messed up so badly. Seems to me that the reason you came was to give some blessings. What’s a day early? It’s never too early to get a blessing. After all, the Bible tells us that God’s blessings are forever and ever — even a day early. (Turns to children.) If Tutor gives you a blessing today, will you remember to carry it with you to school? (Encourages children to agree.)

Tutor: Really? (Cheerfully.) Wow! That would be great! Marvelous! Awesome! (Looks in blessing bag and sees there isn’t much.) Oh, but I’ve only got a little Super Blessing Dust left.

Teacher: But even a little blessing dust from God is more than enough. (Turns to children.) Don’t you agree?

Tutor: Well, that’s very true. Okay, here goes. (Gently sprinkles glitter on the audience as he paraphrases Deuteronomy 31:6.) Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid for the Lord your God goes with you. Amen.

Teacher: Wow, that’s a great blessing, Tutor! Let’s say the blessing with Tutor once again so we don’t forget it.

All: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid for the Lord your God goes with you. Amen.

Teacher: I recognize that verse. It’s from Deuteronomy 31:6 where Moses reminded the Israelites that God would go with them to the Promised Land. (Looks at Tutor who’s looking at his rumpled robe, wings, halo, and bike part.) You know what, Tutor?

Tutor: What’s that?

Teacher: I think you could use that blessing too. I think this verse is for you, too!

Tutor: For me? What do you mean?

Teacher: You’ve crashed your bike, lost your way, skinned your knee, and dropped your dust. Even with all that, God is still with you!

Tutor: Feathers! You’re right! I nearly forgot. (Sprinkles himself with glitter and invites the children to repeat the verse with him.) Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid for the Lord your God goes with you. Amen. Yes, you’re right. It does remind me to trust God. I do feel better. And I’ll bet it even works for teachers, too. (Sprinkles the teacher and leads the children in saying the verse for the teacher.)

Teacher: Especially for teachers!

Tutor: (Salutes the children and then looks at his bike part.) Well, now that this assignment is completed, I best be on my way. Uh, you wouldn’t know where I can find a bike repair shop, would you? (Heads toward the exit.) I’ve still got a couple of other school stops to make …tomorrow! (Exits.)

Pat Verbal is a children’s ministry consultant in Orlando, Florida. Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.


The Back-to-School Angel Skit
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