Are You Weary?


Are you weary? Maybe you just need a nap!

I just talked to a close friend who said she’s just “tired.” She’s had a lot going on professionally and personally. I feel the same way… just tired! (Maybe part of that is I got home after 1 a.m. last night from our trip).

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Anyway, I’m not one of these people who’s real in touch with why I feel the way I do. So I start trying to find a reason for my malaise. Maybe I’m tired of my job. Maybe I need a change. Before long, I can think the reasons for my fatigue are something they’re not.

By the grace of God, I stopped the weary excuse train last night and thought “what’s really going on with me?” I’m sad, I thought. I’m leaving my son and his wife and going home. I’m just sad.

Once I could identify that, I quit looking for other reasons and just lived with the sadness of having kids grow up. (That kept me from thinking I need to quit my job!) And it allowed me to give myself a break.

Maybe you need to give yourself a break too. Summer’s a crazy time where professionally and personally you’re giving everything. And let’s be honest, even trying to go on a “restful” vacation can be exhausting and sometimes disappointing. Don’t attach too much meaning to your weariness…maybe all you need is a good nap.

Man, that sounds good right now! Wake me in a few…

Are You Weary?
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