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Appreciation Celebration

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  • Create Horn of Plenty invitations. Sketch a horn on the cover and fill it with the names of the people you'll appreciate.
  • Decorate placemats. Have each child illustrate something special the person has done. Then laminate the pictures.
  • Design turkey party favors. Draw and cut out the head of a turkey and several small feathers. Have kids glue the head to the top edge of an upside-down Dixie cup. Have each child list the qualities of the person he or she is honoring on separate feathers. Then tape a toothpick to the back side of each feather and poke it through the perimeter of the Dixie cup.
  • Play Appreciation Jubilation. Teams volley with a balloon, but kids have to shout out a reason they feel appreciation toward the people they're honoring before hitting the balloon.
  • Play Thank You, Guess, and Draw. Have kids draw scenes of special times spent with the people they're thankful for. Then have honorees try to guess what the picture is.
  • Have a Prayer-and-Share. Begin with "I thank God for you because..." Have kids tell their honorees all the reasons they thank God for them. Then thank God for all the special people.

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