10 creative ways to encourage kids in your class to
pray even more.

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Prayer is an incredible privilege because it’s communication with
the living God! Yet we often struggle with new ways to get children
involved in prayer that’s heartfelt and meaningful. Do your kids
have the prayer doldrums? Would you like to help children renew
their excitement about communication with God? Check out the
following ideas and resources to invite children into conversation
with God.

First Timothy 2:1-4 urges “prayers…for
everyone — for kings and all those in authority.” So consider
praying all year for one leader, such as a government leader, a
spiritual leader, or a community leader. Write or tell the person
of your kids’ commitment. Pray faithfully and send notes, cards, or
cookies monthly to let the person know you’re still praying.

Several years ago I watched a group of children meet their adopted
leader, Michigan’s governor. The room buzzed with excitement. One
little boy edged closer to the governor and got his full attention.
This small child said with incredible conviction, “We pray for you
every day, and God answers prayer.” The child’s love poured out in
a spontaneous hug that all the children joined. The security
officers standing by didn’t know how to handle an attacking “knee

Use the acronym P.R.A.Y. as a model for prayer: Praise, Repent,
Ask, Yield. P.R.A.Y. wristbands are even available through the
National Day of Prayer Task Force ( with a card
attached to explain the acronym.

Kids love our Sunday School resources!

Light of the World
Jesus said in Matthew 5:14-16: “You are the light of the
world…let your light shine before men, that they may see your
good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

A lighthouse keeps ships from crashing into rocky cliffs during
fog. A lighthouse shines the way to give people direction.

Discuss how the children are lighthouses in their neighborhoods
and schools. Help children see the importance of their fervent
prayer in the place God has placed them to be a light. Lighthouse
resources are available through the Mission America Coalition at; (760) 200-2707.

Prayer Journey
Take children on an exciting prayer journey. Set up five to 10
prayer stations around your church. Our focus has been prayer for
those who serve our community, so we invite people from the
community. Last year, our mayor, police chief, assistant fire
chief, Salvation Army director, and rescue mission director were
some of the people who were at different stations.

Form groups of 10. Give each child a Prayer Passport with
suggested prayers for each station. Have groups spend 10 minutes at
each station, stamp their passports, and then move to the next

Susan Sorensen is a freelance writer in Westlake,


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