Theme: Jesus’ promise
Scripture: Matthew 28:1-6
Age Level: 6 to 9
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Activity Time: 25 minutes
Materials: Rulers, pencils, empty paper towel rolls, scissors,
several colors of glitter, glue, and one plastic foam plate per

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Eggs are symbols of Easter and new life, and kids love to decorate
eggs. This fun craft lets kids make creative keepsake eggs that
also remind them of the moment the stone was rolled away from
Jesus’ tomb.

Have kids measure one inch from the end of a paper towel roll and
mark it with a pencil. Using scissors, carefully cut the tube along
the mark to create a base for the eggs.

Have kids each decorate their base with glitter and glue. Set aside
the bases to dry.

Using scissors, have kids carefully cut out a large egg shape from
a plastic foam plate. Kids can decorate both sides of the eggs with
glitter and glue. Allow one side to dry before decorating the other
Once all the glue is dry, kids can display their eggs on their
bases by centering each egg vertically on the base. Make a pencil
mark on each side of the base where the egg touches it, and then
make a 1/8-inch cut at each pencil mark on the base. Carefully
slide each egg into the cut base.
Rose Ross-Zediker
Elk Point, South Dakota

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Theme: Sharing Jesus’ love with others
Scripture: Matthew 5:14-16
Age Level: 5 to 9
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Materials: Various colors of tissue paper, scissors, chenille craft
wires, transparent plastic gift bags, 6-inch taper candles, and
preprinted paper strips.

This craft can be given as a gift or taken home to share with
family during Easter as a symbol of new life and hope.

Before class, print “I’m a little light in this world, and I
blossom and shine with the love of Jesus!” on 1X4-inch strips of

Have kids choose five colors of tissue paper. Then have them cut
out a 6-inch diameter flower head from each color of tissue paper.
When all five flower heads are cut, stack them and carefully poke a
hole through the center of all layers with a chenille craft

Bend a chenille craft wire in half and push the bend through the
hole in the center of the flower heads. Twist the bent end into a
“knot” to keep the wire and tissue paper in place.

Place one candle and a preprinted paper strip inside a plastic gift
bag and twist the bag shut. Attach the bag to the underside of the
flower head using the remaining chenille craft wire.
Sharon Sukonick
Media, Pennsylvania

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Theme: Jesus is our shepherd; Jesus the Lamb of God
Scripture: John 10:7-9
Age Level: 6 to 12
Prep Time: Time to prepare muffins
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Materials: Precooked chocolate muffins, vanilla icing, shredded
coconut, Fruit Roll-Ups snacks, scissors, plastic knives, and paper

Celebrate Easter by creating these cute, edible sheep.

Peel the muffin papers off the muffins. Have kids place their
muffin upside down on a paper plate. Have kids ice their muffins
with vanilla icing, leaving the sheep’s “face” on the side and the
bottom plain. Sprinkle a layer of shredded coconut over the icing
for wool.

Give kids each a Fruit Roll-Up snack. Have them remove the Roll-Ups
from the cellophane and then cut two ¼-inch ears. Stick the ears
into the icing on the sides of the sheep’s head. Have kids tightly
roll their Roll-Ups and then cut the roll into four equal sections
for legs.
As kids enjoy the snack, read aloud the Scripture.


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