Ain’t She a Beauty!?


You know how when you have a baby and you can't stop talking about her or showing off pictures? Of course, you do!

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Well, after our team "gave birth" to Buzz Sunday School Curriculum (if it's in the lesson, it's in the box), I just can't stop showing snapshots of what people are saying about it.

Look at what Amanda Zaengle from First Presbyterian Church in Bonita Springs, Florida, said when asked "What do you like best about Buzz?"

"The complete package. I love that everything is so well thought out and put together. Each box has a theme and everything is seamlessly connected to that theme. The graphics are kid-friendly and fun (even I get excited to open everything up when the curriculum arrives!). Everything needed is truly in the box, and teachers love teaching it. I haven't had any curriculum complaints in months. To summarize, I guess what I like best is that I no longer have to worry about finding a good curriculum, that works (or changing the curriculum to suit our needs). I used to spend so much time looking for a curriculum that would be more appealing to our kids and teachers, and that wouldn't require a ton of editing on my part to make it work. Thanks to Buzz, worrying about Sunday School curriculum is one less thing on my very long to-do list. Buzz is the perfect fit for our church. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!"

Ain't she a beauty! We're excited about what God is going to do through Buzz to transform your volunteers' and kids' experience with the Word of God!

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