Preschool Thank-You Prayer

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Use this stand-up action-play prayer with preschoolers before snack time. Lead preschoolers in the motions in parentheses.


Thank you, God, for birds with wings, (Flap arms)

For worms and snakes and squirmy things. (Wiggle fingers)

For puppy dogs and waggy tails, (Move hand side to side like a windshield wiper)

For tiny fish and great big whales. (Measure little fish with fingers, extend arms wide for whales)

For the family that we love, (Place hands over heart)

For earth and sea and sky above. (Cup hands to make a globe, then waves, then point to the sky)

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For clothes and shoes upon our feet, (Point to shoes)

And for the food we soon will eat. (Pretend to eat)

Ellen Javernick
Loveland, Colorado





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