Agape Party


A Valentine’s party focused on encouraging kids to love one
another as God loves them.

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By Debbie Trafton O’Neal

Agape love is God’s unconditional love. Have a Valentine’s party
focused on encouraging kids to love one another as God loves them.
If you plan a valentine exchange, send a list home with each
child’s name. Indicate that each child should bring a valentine for
everyone. Make sure to bring valentines for everyone and

If you have a large group, have children bring valentines for at
least 20 children, sign their valentines, but not designate who
they’re for. You can distribute valentines evenly.

Have kids make valentine holders. Children can cut the top off
one paper plate and the half off another paper plate to look like a
heart. Decorate the heart shapes and then staple the edges
together. Write the children’s names on the hearts, and punch a
hole in the top for hanging from the ceiling with string. Kids can
take these home when the party’s over.

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What’s a party without something yummy to eat? Make strawberry
milkshakes with vanilla ice cream, milk, and frozen strawberries.
Cut heart-shaped sandwiches from bread, spread with soft cream
cheese and red jam or jelly for a special treat.

Play Spin a Hug. Draw a large heart on a piece of poster board
and divide the heart into one section for each child. Add the
children’s names and attach an arrow spinner in the center of the
heart. Let children take turns spinning the arrow. When the spinner
lands on another child’s name, the person spinning gives that child
a loving hug. Then the hugged person spins to have a turn at
passing the loving hug on.


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