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Affinity Groups

Gordon West

Use affinity -- or shared interest -- groups to develop relationships among your preteens and adults. Recruit parents or other fun-loving mature adults who are willing to share their interests with kids. Successful groups for preteens may include hiking, cooking, auto repair, gardening, cycling, or computers. Depending on the adult leader's availability and the type of activity, groups can meet weekly after church, on a weeknight at a parent's home, or once a month at a neutral location. Follow the two-adult rule with these groups. Have adult leaders begin the activity time with a brief devotion and end with prayer.

Friendships are quickly created through shared interests. These groups will have a natural spark for the adult leaders and the kids. And these relationships will be more likely to build the healthy, loving spiritual bonds that we all desire our kids to have.

Gordon and Becki West are co-authors of The Discipline Guide for Children's Ministry (Group) and founders of KidZ KaN Make a Difference and KidZ At Heart International ( Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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