Advent Prayers

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Use these Advent Prayers to prepare hearts for Christmas.

Truth: Prayer prepares us for Christmas

Wrap the Christmas figures from a crèche (nativity) scene and bring them to class in a box. Let each child pull out one or two figures without peeking to see what they are.

Let kids take turns unwrapping figures. As they add the figures to the crèche (nativity) scene, have them give a prayer of thanks for the role that figure played in Jesus’ birth. For instance, the person holding the stable might say, “Thank you that there was at least a stable nearby where Jesus could be born.” The person with a
shepherd might say, “Thank you that the shepherds went and told lots of people about Jesus’ birth.”

After all the kids have added their figures and said their prayer, talk about the role we can all play in preparing for Jesus’ birth and in telling people why Jesus came to earth.

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Close with a prayer asking God to help everyone be a faithful witness at Christmas and throughout the year.


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