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A Warm Spread

Children's Ministry Magazine

Sponsor a fall blanket drive to allow kids to positively impact the homeless. Take the children in your ministry to visit a local shelter, and ask a shelter volunteer to talk to kids about the needs of the homeless.

Have kids design signs and fliers announcing a four-week blanket drive.

Once the blankets are collected, have kids put a personal note on each. You'll need a plain brown paper grocery bag for each blanket, a hole punch, raffia, and cards preprinted with John 3:16 and your church name, address, and service times.

Have kids place a blanket inside each paper bag, then punch a hole in one top corner of the bag. Punch a hole in one corner of a preprinted card and tie it to the bag with raffia.

Once all the blankets are bagged, have kids deliver them to the shelter.

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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