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Copy this version of the Seder meal to share with your

Family Connect: An Ice Cream Seder


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  • Mini marshmallows
  • Nuts (If you have kids with nut allergies, substitute
    unsweetened chocolate chips)
  • Brightly colored sprinkles
  • Sweet syrup toppings such as chocolate, fudge,
    butterscotch, or caramel
  • Fruit: banana pieces, strawberries, blueberries, or other
  • Shredded coconut
  • M&M’s candies
  • Whipped cream
  • Vanilla ice cream

The Passover meal is all about remembering: remembering God and
remembering what God has done for his people.

As the meal unfolds, Jewish parents have a wonderful opportunity
to teach their children about God’s power and care. But for
Christians, a Passover meal (Seder) can be intimidating. Where do
you get the recipes? How can you lead something as complicated as a
Seder if you’ve never experienced one? And how exactly do you
pronounce all those Hebrew words? You can search for all
of this information, or you can use the following approach to help
your children remember God’s work in and through your family
using…ice cream!

Place the listed items (except the ice cream) in separate bowls
and place them on a table.

Gather your family together and say: It’s easy to forget
what God has done for our family. We’re so busy getting ready for
school, work, or extra activities that we forget to remember all
God does for us. Let’s see how these foods can remind us of God’s
love and how he’s touched our family.

Pass around the bowl of marshmallows. Say: Let’s each
eat a mini-marshmallow. They look like baby marshmallows, don’t
they? When I remember you as a baby, I always thank God for you.
Let me tell you why.

Share a brief story about each child and how he or she has been
a blessing to your family.

Pass around the bowl of nuts and ask each person to taste one.
Say: Nuts aren’t usually sweet. They often taste bitter,
and most nuts come in hard shells.
(If using chocolate,
say: Chocolate isn’t always soft and sweet; sometimes it’s
hard and bitter.
) Let’s think about some hard or bitter
things that have happened in our family.

Share a brief story of a difficult period for your family and
how God helped you through it. Invite others to share their

Pass around the bowl of sprinkles. Say: Pick your
favorite color of sprinkle out of the bowl. Sprinkles always look
like a fun party to me! What’s something fun that’s happened in our
family — and how did God help that happen?

Let each family member share a story about a fun family time and
how God was present during that time.

Invite each person to dip a finger in the syrup topping and lick

Say: These toppings cover ice cream. God’s love covers
our family, too.

  • Share a brief story of a time you felt God’s love bringing
    peace or comfort to your family. Invite other family members to
    share their stories.
  • Pass around the fruit and invite each person to enjoy a piece.
    Say: Fruit is a healthy snack to eat. God has helped bring
    health to our family, too.
  • Remember and share different times when God brought health or
    healing to someone in your family.

Pass around the bowl of shredded coconut and invite everyone to
take a pinch and eat it. Say: Coconut reminds me of snow –
and winter. Each winter we celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas. I’m
grateful God sent his Son, but sometimes I forget to thank God for
that gift. What’s something you want to thank God for?

Pause while family members respond.

Pass around the bowl of M&M’s candies. Ask each person to
take his or her favorite color of candy and then look at it. Say:
Turn your candy upside down. Now instead of “M&M” it’s
“W&W” — that reminds me of “Wants & Wishes.” God has given
our family lots of things we’ve wanted and wished for, things that
go far beyond what we actually need.

Tell a brief story of something you wanted for your family that
God provided, and have family members share similar stories.

Place a small dollop of whipped cream on family members’ index
fingers and invite them to lick off the whipped cream. Say:
Whipped cream is so sweet — and so is God’s

Share a story about how God’s love has sweetened your life, and
let others share their sweet stories as well.

Say: It’d be a shame to have all these toppings and not
enjoy them with ice cream!

Give each family member a bowl and spoon, and reveal a container
of vanilla ice cream. Invite family members to cover their ice
cream with their choice of toppings. Before you eat, offer a prayer
of thanksgiving to God for your family, and for God working in and
through your family. cm

Mikal Keefer has volunteered for 30 years in children’s and
youth ministry and manages Group’s copywriting team.

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