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Ask: What does it smell like? What does it look

Say: Haroseth looks like mushy cement. The Jews used
mushy cement as mortar when they built brick buildings in Egypt.
Haroseth reminds them of the hard, hard work they did. Have table
leaders set aside the haroseth and pass the hard-boiled

Ask: Do you dye eggs at Easter? Say:
Eggs are a symbol of springtime and new life. Roasted eggs
reminded the Jews that Passover comes in the spring, and of a
special festival.

Have leaders pass the lamb bone.

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As the bone is passed, say: At the Passover, lamb is
served. It’s a reminder that spreading lambs’ blood on their
doorposts kept the Jews safe in Egypt. God saved his people from
the plague because he loves them!

Say: The Seder is a reminder of a mighty thing God did
for his people. They were slaves and they couldn’t escape. Their
lives were hard. They cried. They had to make bricks and build huge
buildings for Pharaoh.
But then God set them free!
God brought them to a Promised Land. But he gave them something
even more precious than the new land — the promise that a Savior
was coming!

John the Baptist confirmed who that Savior was.
Read aloud John 1:29.

Jesus Christ is our Passover. Read aloud 1 Corinthians 5:7.

Ask each table to close in prayer, thanking God for his

Easter Extra: Rock-Solid Facts

Have kids create this reminder that Jesus is alive — today and

Supplies: poster paints, paintbrushes,
permanent markers, rocks, soap and water, and towels

What to Do: After celebrating the fact that
Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning, take kids outside to
find rocks. Let them wash and dry their rocks, and then choose
their favorite part of the good news of Easter. Let kids paint that
symbol or scene on their rocks. Then use a permanent marker to
write on each rock, “Rock-Solid Fact: Jesus is Alive!”

Easter Extra: Remember Me Bookmarks

Have kids create these bookmarks as a year-round reminder of
God’s gift to the world.

Supplies:Card stock, scissors, markers, and
cross template (download a template HERE).

What to Do: Copy the cross template onto
colorful card stock. Have kids cut out the crosses and then write
the words at right as a reminder on the bookmarks.

Have kids decorate the edges of their bookmarks with images or
symbols that remind them of Easter.

RoseAnne Sather
Greeley, Colorado


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