A Place for Me


“When I told them we were eager to have her in
our ministry, they broke down and cried,” Kevin remembers. “They
had never had anyone in a church receive them in that way.”

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Kevin says that’s how their special needs ministry began. “We
didn’t begin some full-blown ministry; we just received one child
at a time that God brought to us. Then we figured out how to meet
that child’s needs.”

“I’m really glad that we did receive this child,” Kevin
remembers. “She died a few months later, and that gave us the
opportunity to minister to her and her family.”

Just Like Everyone Else

When special needs families are treated like typical families,
they draw near to — not away from — God. Sometimes they need a
hug. Never grow tired of listening to or praying for these brave
kids and parents. Involve the whole congregation in serving people
with disabilities.

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“We started JOY ministry six short years ago,” says director
Denise Briley of Graceview Baptist Church in Tomball, Texas. “As
the mom of a child with severe disabilities, I was glad that God
used me and the training that my son gave me. It has changed my
life and the life of my family.” Currently Graceview serves 48
families with children, youth, and adults who have disabilities.
This ministry, though, had its modest beginnings.

“We started with my son Clayton, a borrowed basket of toys, and
a cassette player,” says Denise. “God brought each family one by
one. Families have been able to worship together, some for the
first time in years. Marriages have been saved; brothers and
sisters have been involved in ministry. Moms and Dads now sing in
the choir and teach Sunday school. But the best thing is people are
being saved and building relationships with Christ. I wouldn’t have
missed what I call the Joy Journey for the world.”


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