A Moment to Savor and Reflect


Give each person a chocolate kiss or a small chocolate truffle.
Explain that you’re going to play a song on the CD and that you’d
like everyone to listen to the words and reflect on God’s
extravagant grace as the chocolate melts in their mouths. The
chocolate will melt before the song is over, so they can continue
to listen and reflect as the song continues.

When each person has a chocolate, play “Your Love Is
Extravagant” from the Music of Chocolate Boutique CD, or
choose another worshipful song that praises God for his love.
Encourage each person to close his or her eyes and listen to the
words as they taste the melting chocolate.

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When the song is over, quietly ask everyone to share in groups
of three or four any insights they had about God’s grace and love
as they listened to the song and tasted the chocolate. Play the
song again in the background while they share. After about four
minutes, turn off the music.

Close this time by thanking God for his love and grace, and for
the insights that were shared in this short time of reflection.

For more chocolaty activities and devotions for you and your
volunteers, check out Chocolate Boutique: Where women taste and see
that the Lord is good. (

A Moment to Savor and Reflect
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