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A Friend Nearby

Theme: Friends

Text: Proverbs 27:10

Preparation: Gather children and their families at the front of the church. Have families stand to one side.

The Message: We're going to practice counting. Use fingers to count to 15. You can only use each of your fingers one time, but you can use other people's fingers for extra numbers. When you run out of fingers or if you need help knowing how many 15 is, ask someone for help.

(Give kids a minute to count. Then have families return to their seats.) Who did you ask for help? Why did you ask a person nearby to help you? a person far away? What would you do if you were in school and you needed help with something, but your family wasn't around?

(Read the scripture.) The Bible says it's important to make friends with people around us so they can help us when our families aren't close by.

Let's hold hands or walk with a friend and help each other back to our seats.

Beth Rowland
Ft. Collins, Colorado

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