A Delicious Lesson in Thankfulness

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Project: Kids will build edible brick towers to
remind them of the tower of Babel.

Supplies: Cornbread, knife, honey in squeeze
bottles, paper plates, clean bed sheet.

Preparation: Spread a clean sheet on the floor.
Then cut cornbread into small, medium, and large squares so kids
will be able to easily stack three. Set out the plates and squeeze
bottles of honey.

Easy Steps for Edible Towers:

  1. Encourage the children to wash their hands before they make
    their edible crafts.
  2. Ask the children to build towers on their plates, using large,
    medium, and small squares of cornbread.
  3. Let the children pretend the honey is the mortar that holds the
    cornbread bricks together.

Preschool Connection:

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Gather children on the sheet and lead them in prayer, thanking
God for all of his blessings. Then let children eat their cornbread
towers. Read Genesis 11:1-9 aloud from an easy-to-understand Bible
translation so children know the passage is in God’s word. Then

  • Why did we build our towers?
  • Why did the people build their tower?
  • Who did the people in the story forget about?

Say: We built our tower because we wanted a
snack. We remembered to pray to God and thank him for his
blessings. The people in the story forgot all about God. They just
wanted to build a tower so they could make a name for themselves
and be famous. They acted as if they didn’t need God at all. Let’s
always remember to thank God each and every day in all that we

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