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A Day in the Life

Untitled DocumentIt's all in a day's work for this children's ministry leader and volunteer on the same team.

Jenice Moore and Kim Ross. Both energetic women live in Livermore, California, and both are active members of Trinity Baptist Church. The difference? Jenice is the children's ministry leader; Kim's a children's ministry volunteer. What's a Sunday morning like for them?

Jenice Moore, children's ministry leader

Role and responsibilities on Sundays:

My main job on Sunday mornings is making sure our children have a safe and age-appropriate Bible learning experience. So I provide the necessary support for our Sunday school teachers. I provide everything they need so their attention can be directed toward children's needs.

6 a.m.-I usually wake up at 6:30.

7 a.m.-Get ready for the day.

8 a.m.-Arrive at church (on Sundays when my two teenage boys aren't performing something for music ministry). On performance days, it's an early wake-up call -- at church by 7:00. The first hour of preschool Sunday school begins at 8:30.

9 a.m.-By 9:00 things are usually running smoothly. Every other week I lead in prayer and give the welcome in services. Then I make sure the teachers are doing well, plan for the 9:45 class, and check in with the preschool desk to see if there are any problems I need to be aware of.

11 a.m.-I attend worship with my family. I lead children's worship during the 11:00 worship service.

12 p.m.-Parents pick up their kids around 12:15.

2 p.m.-Eat lunch with family and maybe friends from church. About twice each quarter there's an after-church meeting.

By 2:00, I'm really looking forward to my Sunday afternoon nap!

CM Standout

I like to see teachers really loving what they're doing. It's so exciting to see someone enthusiastic about his or her ministry. That's the best way to capture children's hearts and minds for Jesus!

Kim Ross, children's ministry volunteer

Role and responsibilities on Sundays:

I teach 3-year-olds. Our teaching team meets quarterly to plan activities and divide tasks. I help with preparation, send cards and emails to our kids, and interact with the children during class. All our volunteers try to get to know and minister to parents. We often visit our kids in their homes to meet a ministry need or to follow up on absences.

6 a.m.-

7 a.m.-My Sundays start at different times depending on the activities our family's involved in each week. On a typical Sunday we get up around 7 a.m.

8 a.m.-Our family prays together on the drive to church. We leave before 9:00.

9 a.m.-My family's involved in various music ministries, but on a "slow" Sunday, we usually arrive at church at 9:15. At 9:30 I report to my classroom; class starts at 9:45.

11 a.m.-I attend the worship service with my family.

12 p.m.-Our late service finishes at 12:15. After church, my family usually enjoys sharing experiences from the morning. Then we have lunch and go out for a treat.

2 p.m.-Awana meets on Sunday afternoons, so at 2 p.m. it's time to help the kids work on memory verses and hang out. 

CM Standout

The children are wonderful. I enjoy seeing how excited they get when they begin to learn that God loves them. I love singing with the children. It's also fun to see them retell our Bible story to their families as they leave class.

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