Preschool Keepsake Craft



Help babies and toddlers create this heartwarming preschool keepsake craft for moms on Mother’s Day or dads on Father’s Day.

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You’ll need washable paints, large paintbrushes, diaper wipes, construction paper, markers, and warm soapy water.

Use brushes to paint the palms of little ones’ hands. Guide their hands to leave an imprint on the paper that forms a heart. Make their thumbs touch to shape the top of the heart and their pointer fingers touch to shape the bottom of the heart.

When the paint dries, have volunteers write at the top of the page, “[Mommy or Daddy], thank you for giving me your heart!” Happy [Mother’s or Father’s] Day!”

Janna Firestone 

Here’s a sweet poem to include for Mother’s or Father’s Day:

My mother is so special,
she means so much to me.
She’s patient, understanding,
and as gentle as can be.
She’s lots of fun to be with
And she’s always there for me.
That’s why she’s a great example
of J-E-S-U-S to me.


Preschool Keepsake Craft
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