Marbles Game-in-a-Bag Gift

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Kids will love making their very own Marbles game-in-a-bag that they can play alone or with friends. Use this craft to introduce them to the game of Marbles.

Age Level: 6 to 12

Materials: Green and red felt, scissors, ribbon or twine, 10 colored marbles per child, one white marble per child, card stock with preprinted instructions for playing Marbles, and one piece of chalk per child

The instructions for playing Marbles should read: “Draw a circle on the ground with chalk. Drop your marbles inside the circle, except the white one. Have your friend add his or her marbles to the circle. Take turns trying to knock a marble outside the circle with your white marble. You get to keep all the marbles you knock out of the circle!”

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Time: About 30 minutes

marble-kidHave kids each cut out an 8-inch diameter circle from felt. One-half inch from the edge, have kids cut slits around the perimeter in 1/2-inch intervals. Have kids thread a 24-inch piece of ribbon or twine through the slits. Have kids place 10 colored marbles and one white marble, a piece of chalk, and the preprinted game instructions in the bag.

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    I have just come across your site on Pinterest and I have taught Bible in Schools here in New Zealand for 40 years and I would love to see what you have available. God bless you all in your ministry.

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