8 Solutions for Common Children’s Ministry Problems


Every ministry has them — quirky corners, pesky problems, and messy mishaps. Here are simple solutions you can use to make sense of common conundrums.

1. Dissed Posters

The Problem: You love the idea of storing posters so you can reuse them — but they always end up crushed, folded, or lost.

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Your Quick Fix: Save empty paper towel rolls. Tightly roll your poster, and slide it into a paper towel roll. Label each paper towel roll with the poster’s theme or title, then store all the rolls upright in a cardboard box for safekeeping.

2. Over and Out

The Problem: Someone keeps inadvertently flipping off the backstage light switch — which cuts power to your lights, microphones, or sound.

Your Quick Fix: Switch out your switch plate. Find a bright, solid color switch plate that’ll visually give people pause before they flick. A great attention getter is at under “Red Polished Diamond Tread.” Also label the switch plate with words such as Don’t Touch — Sound System Power or something to let people know why they should not touch that switch.

3. I’m Not a Professional

The Problem: Grainy, out-of-focus photos detract from your otherwise great Web site or newsletter.

Your Quick Fix: You can access loads of free, professional-quality stock photographs depicting themes and ideas related to your ministry. Visit or, read their terms and conditions (make sure you’re not exceeding their free usage limit), search for your free images, download the ones you like. It’s that easy.

8 Solutions for Common Children’s Ministry Problems
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