7 Ways to Show Kids the Power of Prayer


Believe _500x 273I still remember the looks on my kids’
faces when I explained to them that you don’t always have to pray
with your head bowed and eyes closed. We had always gone the
traditional route of bowing our heads and closing our eyes when we
prayed, but I wanted to explain to my kids that they can pray
anytime and anywhere. I think that’s the first time the kids in my
ministry starting looking at prayer as a conversation with God,
rather than something you do at the end of church.

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We want our kids to talk with God, and by incorporating
different styles of learning, we can help kids grow their prayer
life. Kids each have their own favorite ways to learn and play; we
call them smarts. Prayer can be more meaningful when kids can
express themselves to God in a way they enjoy best.

Because most of the time prayer falls under “Word Smart,” I
thought it would be interesting to see how prayer can work under
the other smarts. Hopefully this list can give you some ideas and
help you come up with creative ways to help your kids pray. Here
are seven ways to show kids the power of prayer.

***Smart Examples of What Kids Do

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SMART: Picture Smart

Examples of what kids do: Sculpt, draw, make crafts

What a prayer in this style might look like: Here’s a neat
 that helps kids remember the Lord’s

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SMART: Music Smart

Examples of what kids do: Sing, create songs, learn

What a prayer in this style might look like: Allow kids to
pray while listening to praise music, or have kids come up with a
poem of praise for God. 

SMART: Logic Smart

Examples of what kids do: Solve problems, think abstractly

What a prayer in this style might look like: This prayer idea gets kids thinking with
sweet treats. 

SMART: Body Smart

Examples of what kids do: Play physical games, act

What a prayer in this style might look like: Do an
interactive prayer that includes hand motions. 

Nature Smart

Examples of what kids do: Study environments, compare things
with nature

What a prayer in this style might look like: Do a prayer

SMART: Self Smart

Examples of what kids do: Reflect, share feelings

What a prayer in this style might look like: Encourage kids
to have personal quiet/prayer time. 

SMART: People Smart

Examples of what kids do: Work in groups, discuss, get

What a prayer in this style might look like: Go to the
nursery and pray for the babies inside. 


How do you incorporate prayer in your ministry? How do you
encourage kids to keep praying at home? Share with us using the
comment section below!

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