7 Telltale Signs of a Healthy Staff

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TelltaleI can usually spot a dysfunctional church staff
from a mile off. Certain little indicators tell the story.

Conversely, other telltale signs generally telegraph a healthy
staff, one that operates smoothly, accomplishes a lot, exudes a
sense of team, has fun, and enjoys a powerful ministry.

Here’s how to spot a healthy, effective, loving staff.

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  1. Weekly staff meetings. The entire
    staff-whether it’s two or 200-gathers weekly for 30 or 60 minutes
    to connect. The agenda provides time for informational updates,
    brief training tips, affirmation for one another, sharing of
    personal updates and needs, and time for authentic prayer.
  2. Weekly work check-ins. Each staff member has a
    brief, regularly scheduled time to check in with his or her
    supervisor to go over the past week’s and the upcoming week’s
  3. Shared stories. The staff tells and celebrates
    the good things God is accomplishing through the various ministries
    of the church. Every week, all the time.
  4. First names. The staff members refer to one
    another by first names. No tightly-knit team refers to one another
    as Mr., Miss, Pastor, Reverend, or (God forbid) Doctor.
    Collegiality is more important than forced “respect.”
  5. Direct communication. Staff members with
    concerns go directly to those who can do something about them. No
    whining with other staff or members.
  6. Open parking. No special parking places (or
    other symbols of puffed-up privilege) for “VIP” staff.
  7. Laughter. The frequent sound of wholesome
    laughter permeates a staff that enjoys one another-and the joy of
    serving God together.

A healthy staff precedes a healthy ministry. And conversely, an
unhealthy staff cannot produce a healthy, effective ministry.

So, how many telltale signs does your church exhibit?

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