7 Summer Staffing Solutions


Great news! We scouted the best ways to get temporary summer volunteers — tried and true ways to maximize all the human resources surrounding you.

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Summer Interns

Local colleges and universitieshouse competent summer interns, so connect with faculty members or student services to publicize your summer needs. Provide specific job postings with details and approximate schedules. Offer a variety of times and tasks to potential interns. Interns often prove to be some of your most dedicated volunteers because they’re on a mission — to learn.

If you use interns, pay them in experience what you can’t pay them in money. Coaching, training, evaluation, and on-the-job education are “perks” for interns — things they’ll look back on in their future careers as key learning points. Internship benefits also include résumé-building, real-life experience, a chance to work with children, rewarding volunteer work, and more.

Home for the Summer

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When summer break hits, a different type of college student heads home to their parents (and your congregation). Inquire with parents, provide a list of positions and descriptions, and invite these young adults to join your summer team. The key here is follow-up — with parents and the students. Point out the benefits of serving — kids will love being around these fun, young adults; and college students will gain experience, summer diversion, and a great volunteer title to put on a résumé one day.

Casting the Net

And don’t forget to scout for high school students on summer break — you’ll likely find a few who are willing to pitch in for special events.

Summers Off

Teachers, professors, and other professionals who have summers off make great temporary summer volunteers — even if they’re not enthusiastic about volunteering during the school year. Teachers are a perfect fit — they love kids, they’re experienced, and during summer they may be willing to jump back into the “classroom” for a higher purpose.

Teachers may want to serve an age group they don’t teach during the year. Do detective work to find teachers in your congregation. Ask your ministry children for referrals — you may find an excellent teacher just looking for an opportunity like one you’re offering.

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