7 Children’s Ministry Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Blog 1.25fixedValentine’s Day 2013 falls on Thursday, February
14. According to information I found at the U.S. Census Bureau’s
website, there are many different theories on the origin of
Valentine’s Day. Many believe that Valentine was an ancient Roman
clergyman who was executed for secretly marrying couples in
defiance of the emperor. Several hundred years later, in 496 A.D.,
Pope Gelasius I declared Feb. 14 as Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure
why candy hearts with messages written on them entered the picture,
but I’m glad they did.

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It will be an exciting Valentine’s Day for me,
as now I live in what’s known as “The Sweetheart City”-Loveland,
CO. For those of you who didn’t know (I didn’t know until I moved
here), for more than 67 years, people from around the country have
sent their valentines through Loveland so they can get the official “love” stamp from our post office.
More than 160,000 people will be sending letters through my new
city to their loved ones. I think that’s pretty neat.

I love Valentine’s Day, mainly because of all
the extra candy out there, but also because it serves as a great
opportunity to talk about God’s love and how we should love one
another. Here’re some nifty and neat ideas you can use in your
ministry this Valentine’s Day.


Preschool Valentine’s Day Lesson
– This batch of ideas
by Mike Gillespie focuses on Mark 10:13-16 and will help your
youngest ones understand that God loves them very much.

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Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Lesson
– For your
kindergarten kids, this activity-packed lesson by Pat Montgomery is
perfect. Using 1 Corinthians 13:4, your kids will discover what
love really is.

Valentine’s Day Lesson for Grades 1 to 3
– Loving
others can be a hard concept at times. This fun lesson plan uses
Leviticus 19:18 and John 15:17 (as well as fun activities) to help
kids discover the importance of loving each other.

Valentine’s Day Lesson for Grades 4 to 6
– You oldest
kids will think about what it means to have a heart for Jesus in
this lesson based on Ephesians 3:14-17.

5. Peekaboo
Heart Craft
– This cute craft is a quick and easy
reminder of Jesus’ love for us. Kids make candy-filled valentines
to give to others.

6. Heart
Placemat Craft
– Great for younger kids, this paint
craft lets kids decorate a placemat with heart stamps. Preschoolers
love giving these to their parents, and you can connect the craft
to John 13:34.

Valentine’s Day Activities
– Wrapping up my top ideas,
here is a three-in-one bonus. These activities get everyone
involved, including adults.


For more great Valentine’s Day ideas, check
Seasonal Specials for Children’s Ministry
. For Valentine’s Day
alone, it has a devotion, craft, game, snack, skit, song, and
outreach opportunity. Get it today and you’ll be set for the rest
of the year with new ideas for 12 other holidays.

Share with us how your ministry celebrates (or
doesn’t celebrate) Valentine’s Day. Do you give out candy? Do you
decorate your area? Have a party? Let us know what you do in the
comment section below!


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